PAM Vertical Paddle Mixers stand as efficient and versatile blending machines for batch mixing various materials, including free-flowing powders, granules, and pellets. Widely utilized across industries such as food, enzyme, cosmetics, fine chemicals, and pharmaceuticals, these mixers offer a superior solution, particularly for fragile and heat-sensitive products, with minimal mechanical and thermal stress.

PAM Vertical Paddle Mixers: How They Work

PerMix PAM Vertical Mixers feature a single shaft with a unique ribbon design that facilitates multi-dimensional movement of materials. As the ribbon moves materials upward from the bottom to the top of the mixing vessel, they drop by gravity into the center, creating an effective counter flow of product particles. This turbulence flow field ensures efficient mixing, aided by rapid exchange of material particles and heat, resulting in a homogeneous product.

An optional high-speed chopper can be installed for intensive mixing and lump breaking, especially beneficial when adding liquid to powdery materials to prevent lump formation. The mixers typically feature a cylindrical body with a conical bottom, although flat bottoms with scrapers for discharge assistance are also available. Additionally, a side-mounted access door allows for easy inspection and cleaning without creating blind areas for mixing and cleaning purposes. At the bottom of the cone, a flush-fitting plug valve, manually or pneumatically operated, facilitates product discharge.


PAM Vertical Paddle Mixers offer several advantages, including:

  • High accuracy with a minor component ratio as low as 1:1,000,000
  • Gentle mixing suitable for sensitive materials without generating excess heat
  • Optional chopper for intensive mixing and lump breaking
  • Low minimal feeding volume requirement
  • Full discharge with minimal residue
  • Easy cleaning in either dry or wet conditions
  • High heat transfer rate, ideal for heating or cooling processes of powders