How to pitch your story to accepts pitches for essays, reported work, features, and more. Below are a few general tips for pitching to our Managing Editor and staff.

If your pitch is accepted, your assignments will be posted and you will receive a small financial compensation for your effort. Writers from all over the world are more than welcome. We would love to share global experiences in powder technology and material science.

We are interested in pitches on the following topics for 2023:

We are looking for particular pitches that show the current leaps in powder technology developments through robotics and AI. New innovations, inventions, and future implementations  in powder technology-related industries products, and technologies

We are always interested in pitches on the following topics:
Nanoparticle development, manipulation
New Global legislation, methods, and standards
powder and granule manufacturing
Cases based on practical experience, supported with data
Current world events and how those relate back to powder technology.
Timely responses to recently posted articles or news. This is to examine deeper various aspects that might have been introduced or explored in the aforementioned article or news.
Powder technology and material science-related essays (We will also consider video essay pitches on a case-by-case basis.)
Any reported work that ties current events back into specific industries, such as cosmetics, 3D printing, pigments, pharmaceutical industry, etc.
Deep dives, write an in-depth article on a specific powder and its physiological properties

Any other creative ideas you might have! Please make sure that they do not fall under the category of the one thing we explicitly do not want:

Sales pitches for products or services. Business promotions etc. If you want to promote your business through our platform, send an email to We offer a wide array of media possibilities, please check out our media kit here.

How to Submit:

Before you submit a pitch, read all of the below Terms and Conditions.

Pitches should be sent to Pitches that is interested in commissioning will receive an email in response. Pitches that we are not interested in will not receive a response. This means that we do not send rejection emails. Please allow us at least 10 business days for responses to pitches.

Please use the following email subject line format to ensure that we see your pitches: “PITCH:” If your pitch is timely, please use the following subject line format: “URGENT PITCH:”

Please send pitches. Do not send completed work. The more unique your pitch is, the better! generally does not publish articles over 2500 words.

Please don’t forget to introduce yourself and provide clips that demonstrate your ability to write whatever it is you happen to be pitching. Please do not provide clips from personal blogs, personal websites, personal pages, etc.

Get to your point! We don’t always need a 1000-word pitch. Make sure that what you’re pitching is clear within the first 2-3 sentences so that we don’t have to dig for your thesis. Then you can build your case for why the reader should care.

Please make it clear how you’re going to execute your piece! Is this an essay? Is it a deep dive? Is it a reported article? You’re going to interview HOW many people in just 600 words? Please be sure to lay out your format and plan.

Relatedly, please include an approximate word count and propose a filing date.

Overall, do be sure to come through with a complete idea. We are here to help you tweak and shape your pitches, but not give you your pitches.

Terms and Conditions:
By submitting the pitch material (the “Material”) to for consideration by, you are representing that you have read and understand these Terms and Conditions and consent to be bound by them. You acknowledge that no confidential relationship exists between you and, nor is there one intended or created by the submission of the Material. All references herein to “” or “MindScape Media” will include our partners, their respective parent companies, holdings, any of their affiliates and subsidiaries, as well as the respective directors, officers, agents, employees, consultants, successors, licensee and/or assigns.

1. Except as otherwise specifically stated herein, you represent that:
(a) The Material is completely original;
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