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Delft Solids Solutions offers a comprehensive Particle Size Characterization course, addressing a diverse range of materials crucial to various industries, including large molecules, micelles, viruses, and powders. This 2-day program, intricately linked with a 1-day Porosity and Surface Area Characterization course, delves into fundamental principles, definitions, and techniques for particle size and shape characterization.

The course, Particle Sizze Characterization 2024 encompasses key topics such as sampling, sieving, sedimentation, electrical sensing zone, forward light scattering, dynamic light scattering, microscopy, and quality control. Conducted at Delft Solids Solutions’ well-equipped laboratory, the program integrates practical demonstrations to reinforce theoretical concepts.

Participants gain a profound understanding of particle characterization techniques, learning to interpret results, assess reliability, and ensure quality in measurements. Upon completion, a certificate of participation is awarded.

Scheduled for November 26-27, 2024, in Wateringen, The Netherlands, the course requires a financial investment of €1.650 ex. VAT. Opting for a combined enrollment with the Porosity and Surface Area Characterization course results in an overall investment of €2.300 ex. VAT.

For inquiries or registration, contact Delft Solids Solutions at +31 174 271 460 or info@solids-solutions.com. Further details are available in the provided brochure or visit the website’s course page for more information and registry.